Our Coaching Programs

One-on-one coaching
Is an active, participatory process. After an initial 90 minute  “Discovery” session, 1:1 coaching consists of three 45-60 minute monthly telephone coaching sessions and/or face-to-face coaching sessions plus unlimited email support between sessions to move you towards your goals. Fees range from $350 per month and up or $1600 for 10 sessions prepaid. You will be encouraged to make and track a Best Year Yet plan, and do “homework” between sessions.

Group coaching
Periodically we offer group coaching in the form of a “Success Group” for those who prefer the support, synergy and encouragement of others in reaching their goals. Our “Success” groups  involve 15, 2 hour meetings over a period of 5-6 months. Each participant is asked to focus on achieving one major goal  in the area of work (business or career), relationship, health, creativity or personal growth.  Fees range from $1125 per series.  To receive notice of upcoming group coaching programs, give us your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

Mastermind Groups                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Our Mastermind “Success” group is for entrepreneurs who want to brainstorm business ideas with other small business owners. Each participant creates a Best Year Yet plan for their business.

work with members at monthly meetings on fulfilling their plans, and discussing a range of issues from marketing to personnel problems to the personal issues that hold us back (procrastination, indecision and lack of focus, for example).

Monthly meetings are 2 hours and are held in our Newton office.

This is an action-oriented group where we hold participants “feet to the fire” to produce breakthrough results in their business and personally.

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