Not-for-profit Coaching

Leading a non-profit organization is challenging but                                                             highly rewarding. Often under compensated, non-profit leaders have the same responsibilities as CEOs of major corporations with ten times the headaches and accountability.

Coaching addresses the unique challenges of the non-profit and human services world. These sectors attract caring professionals who operate under rewarding yet often-stressful conditions, including:

  • Heavy workloads.
  • Little time and resources to re-engineer work for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Burnout.
  • Tight budgets.
  • People “wearing too many hats” or resources spread too thinly.

OnTrack Coaching addresses the special needs of non-profit and human service organizations through training and coaching programs designed to help at any stage of an organization’s development. Some have used our techniques and knowledge to start non-profits, while others have improved their effectiveness in operating an altruistic business.

We help guide human service workers and organizations to focus their energy, vision, experience and creativity to achieve their missions. OnTrack’s programs guide organizations:

  • To define their mission and develop appropriate strategic plans.
  • Through transitions in mission, leadership or management.
  • Development of leadership skills among executives, managers and volunteers.
  • Coaching individual professionals to develop the personal skills that enrich the organization.
  • Training human service professionals in the coaching technique for management or as a supplement to individual service practices.
  • Launching new 501 C3 organizations.
  • Providing keys to balance and fulfillment to staff through onsite “balance workshops.”

We have helped start-up non-profits in their infancy, and have worked with others through our strategic planning workshops. Each year we donate one Best Year Yet® program to a non-profit organization. If you are interested, please let us know about your project, and if you meet our criterion, we will contact you.


“At the start, she helped me to clarify my vision for WeCan through conversation, analytic exercises and formal planning procedures. In our weekly coaching sessions, Marilyn helped me take stock so that my actions were focused and purposeful. . . As we worked together, Marilyn also trained and mentored me as a coach. I’ve used the technique to help clients, to get the best performance out of my staff and to generate new ideas for programs. The result is an inspired team that is humming with excitement and productivity. Accomplishing as much as we have in so little time would have been impossible without OnTrack and Marilyn’s coaching expertise.”

Jacqueline Scarbrough
Founder and Former Director
WeCan (Women’s Empowerment Through Cape Area Networking)
Harwich Port, Massachusetts

“OnTrack was instrumental in taking Birthday Wishes from concept to reality, and then from start-up to a vibrant, effective, organization with growth we never dreamed we could achieve. Birthday Wishes started out providing birthday parties to children in one shelter in Newton, MA in 2002, and today serves over 65 shelters in Eastern Massachusetts and Worcester.  OnTrack helped us identify and achieve our goals and, most importantly, empowered us to keep moving forward. “

–   Lisa Vasiloff, Co-founder and Executive Director, Birthday Wishes

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