Career Coaching

Career CoachingWe help people in all kinds of career transition find work that they are passionate about, move to more satisfying positions within companies they are working in, change careers and even start businesses. We work with people at varying stages of career development:

  • New graduates who have no idea of what career path to take or how to go about pursuing their interests
  • Young professionals who feel stuck in a career they don’t like but can’t leave for fear of no career or of being unable to keep their financial obligations
  • Mid-career professionals who feel stalled in their present job, have been down-sized. laid off and are “in transition,” or who want to make a left-turn and take a completely different path
  • 50+ professionals who are burned out in their careers but don’t know where to go, what to do but can’t or don’t want to “retire.”
  • People at all stages of career development who want to start a business or be their own boss but are afraid and lack knowledge of how to go about fulfilling their dream.

We help develop skills in whole brain thinking, creative problem solving, successful goal setting, positive career development and achieving excellence. We offer the Universal DiSC assessment, the Best Year Yet personal goal setting and tracking system and other tools to help you find and achieve what you want.

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