Performance Improvement and Appraisal

The Best Year Yet™ Solution

For more than 30 years, businesses have been using the Best Year Yet process to help improve performance throughout their organizations. Our system provides a proactive approach to performance appraisal using a system that promotes consistent, yearlong Performance Improvement.

For any system to work it must be implemented across the organization.  The best process has to gain the involvement and support of both parties to a review because it is simple, fair, transparent and consistent. Neither side is in any doubt as to the expectations and the process. With its cloud-based, easily managed software, the Best Year Yet approach offers just that system:

At the start

  • Aligned expectations of behaviors
  • Measurable, achievable goals
  • Agreed process for review.

Along the way

  • Faithfulness to an agreed program of inspection
  • Opportunity for mid-course corrections
  • Genuinely two-way, honest dialogue

At the conclusion

  • A whole-year review based on regular, agreed data
  • Separation of the remuneration discussion from the performance appraisal
  • Easy transition to the next review period.

Bringing the complete Employee Performance Improvement System into your organization is

  1. Contact us for an initial consultation
  2. We come in and meet with you and your leaders.
  3. We provide the managers with a performance expectation worksheet for each employee
  4. We provide the performance improvement planning workshop with employees
  5. We train all of your managers in coaching skills, our online tracking system and the Best Year Yet planning tool.
  6. We provide monthly or quarterly leadership coaching for your leaders to ensure that the system is fully implemented and working for your organization.
  7. We take the headache, procrastination, stress and dread out of performance appraisals  and we know that you will see benefits to your company, your work culture, your employees and your leaders by implementing the system.


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