As a sole proprietor, you tend to focus on immediate problems and opportunities. Marilyn got me to focus on longer-range goals and to consciously take the steps to realize them. She’s a creative, non-linear thinker who makes associations and jumps of logic that get you thinking in exciting, totally new directions.
~Rebecca Masland, Photographer

I’ve done strategic planning work for high performing organizations for over 20 years. This is far and away the most time and cost-effective process that I have seen or used.
~Gary Edwards, Former CEO, Healthcare Industry

Best Year Yet provides the three key ingredients for any successful business: focus, alignment and accountability. When you have all three your team achieves extraordinary results!
~Joel Deceuster, Marketing Executive, San Jose CA

Marilyn incorporates the best of all coaching techniques. The work she has done for us demonstrates her wide range of expertise and skills. Her ability to understand our business environment and processes so quickly proved invaluable in her aptness to identify solutions that support our business. She has helped us personally with some very useful advice, and for that we are especially grateful. Through her coaching, we are successfully transitioning our company into a new era.
~Elinor and Ted Selame, BrandEquity International

At the start, Marilyn helped me to clarify my vision for WeCan through conversation, analytic exercises and formal planning procedures. In our weekly coaching sessions, Marilyn helped me take stock so that my actions were focused and purposeful. As we worked together, Marilyn also trained and mentored me as a coach. I’ve used the technique to help clients, to get the best performance out of my staff and to generate new ideas for programs. The result is an inspired team that is humming with excitement and productivity. Accomplishing as much as we have in so little time would have been impossible without OnTrack and Marilyn’s coaching expertise.
~Jacqueline Scarbrough, WeCan

A busy mother of two young children and running a successful company, I was at my wits’ end and losing motivation for my business. Marilyn suggested we figure out what would get me back to loving my business. Through her thoughtful inquiry and patient listening, I reconnected to my vision and to an idea to expand the business in a market that really excited me. In a short time, we opened a new office in another city. The process of expanding the business brought back my energy, passion and excitement about the future of my company.
~Patricia L McGoldrick, Immediate Connections Inc.

Thank you for your time, your sharp ear, and your insightful coaching. You have helped me focus my energies and accomplish my goals. You were instrumental in introducing me to the power of networking and in opening my eyes to my own abilities. You have helped me develop skills that I continuously apply in my legal career, my community activities and my current position at TaxCut.
~Joel D Wine Esq, TaxCut, Federal Tax Developer

I was so pleased with my personal experience of the Best Year Yet workshop for individuals I suggested it to my consulting practice. We’ve boosted our business to the next level and met 60% of our annual revenue goal just six months into the program. We could not be more pleased.
~Bill Bennett, The McNeill Group

As a management team of a cost center which became a profit center over night, we knew that meeting our new, additional responsibilities to sell ourselves would require a fundamental change in approach. Throughout our Best Year Yet training and implementation, Marilyn delivered valuable knowledge, cajoling and cheerleading to the team as a whole. What truly differentiated Marilyn’s contribution was her willingness and ability to support diverse individual team members, one-on-one, to help them to rise to meet the challenges.
~Michael Harris, Sanchez Computer Associates Inc

I am now working on my third Best Year Yet plan. I have a personal plan, a plan for my business and now a plan for the non-profit organization I founded. I am having my best year in each area.
~Karen Yahara, Sasuga Japanese Books

Best Year Yet coaching safeguards my success and adherence to my plan. Marilyn guides me through pitfalls with firm encouragement, while reminding me to acknowledge my achievements. Our sessions are much more than a monthly plan check-up. I gain insight into different areas of human behavior and how it pertains to my successes, challenges and motivation.
~Lisa Rigsby, Big Pond Marketing & Design

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