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by marilyn on September 2, 2011

What Programs Does Best Year Yet Offer?

According to Jinny Ditzler, founder and creator or Best Year Yet,

Our world has never been so filled with distractions that make it difficult to focus. These days just when we think we’ve seen the worst, another catastrophe comes along right behind it.  Remember when a tragedy like Katrina, Haiti, or the oil spill dominated the headlines for months? Not any more – now it’s just a few days.  
And besides worldwide concerns, there are endless distractions in our own lives that keep us from giving our attention to the things that matter most. Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to get fit with a new exercise program? Did you promise to spend more quality time with a parent, child, or even yourself? How are you doing? If you’re like most people, it’s too easy to let those goals slide only to find yourself repeating the same resolutions next January.
That’s why we created Best Year Yet in the first place – to give people a simple and affordable system for fitting their priorities into a life that seems too full to hold them.  We offer programs suitable for individuals, teams, and organizations, yet each of our programs is based on answering 10 questions the answers to which create a one-page strategic plan for you, your team, or your organization.  Our system has three parts:
    1.  Make Your Plan
    2.  Track Your Plan
    3.  Become a Master at Producing Results
Other Best Year Yet authors will be describing these parts in articles as part of this What Is Best Year Yet series. In this article my purpose is to tell you about our programs.
Individual Programs
Our original program began as a one-day planning workshop in 1980.  Although the participants made big changes in their lives and produced some of the results in their plans, we had to admit that the program had to be a yearlong program in order to produce the level of personal transformation that people were looking for. Thankfully, we were right and over a million people have used our system since those early workshops.
To make your plan you can either work with a Best Year Yet Coach or answer the questions on your own, using our Best Year Yet Online cloud software.  In either case the result is your personal one-page strategy for the next year, which you then track using our Producing Results cloud software allowing you to set, print and track your annual, monthly and weekly goals – a step at a time throughout the year.
Couples and families also come together to create their individual plans, share the process, and their Annual Plans.  They support one another to stay on track for the next 12 months.
Team Programs
Within 10 years, we were asked by business owners and managers to bring the 10 questions to their team and company, so that together they could create their one-page strategy for the next year. In the process they:
– Learn from the past
– Define guidelines for improving team behavior
– Discover their strongest limiting belief and transform it into a new way of thinking
– Align on their Major Focus
– Set their Top Ten Goals for the next 12 months
Although we often start with the top team in a business, school, church, nonprofit or government agency, this program can be used by any part of an organization.  The strength of the program is that it brings the team together to make a plan that is created and owned by every member.  We also have a Cascade Program designed to take the Best Year Yet Team Program to other teams such as those in a business, division, school, or nonprofit.
Organization Programs
During our years of working with over 800 organizations we found that the same fundamental, painful and costly issue was present in nearly every one of them – the lack of an effective and popular performance appraisal tool.  Most organizations either have a system that doesn’t lend itself to authentic review and performance improvement — or one that does not supply relevant data upon which to base a meaningful assessment.
Moreover, most executives and managers ignore or procrastinate their responsibilities in this area because they simply don’t know what to say to their direct reports.  Their attention too often focuses on what’s missing in the behavior and performance of their people, and so they are uncomfortable and ill equipped to have these difficult conversations.
So we developed our Performance Improvement and Appraisal System to meet this vital need.  Our most affordable solution combines the best of all of our programs and software in a per person package that gives business leaders, managers, and direct reports the tools they need to work in partnership to improve performance in a way that generates the kind of performance appraisal experience that gives meaning to the work they do — and the benefit they provide for their organizations.
This article was published in the September,  2011 Best Year Yet “RESULTS” newletter (Volume 3, Issue #15)

Best Year Yet offers Best Year Yet Coach, Program Leader and Licensee Certification Trainings and other intensive training programs to prepare coaches, mentors, facilitators and consultants to use the Best Year Yet System with their clients. Let us know if you want to learn more.

Jinny Ditzler is the author of the best selling book, “Your Best Year Yet!” translated into 12 languages and in its 20th printing. She is the founder of the personal and executive coaching industry, having originated the process in the U.K. in 1981. Jinny is also the founder and CEO of Best Year Yet, a global business that has trained over 350 Program Leaders and Coaches, who have worked with over 750 companies in 14 countries. Her expertise is in coaching, facilitation, writing and speaking, and she’s recognized as a thought leader in the fields of organizational revitalization and personal transformation.


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