It’s Half-Time – How’s Your Game Plan Working? By Lloyd Franke

by marilyn on July 1, 2011

If you watch any winning sports teams (Bruins, Mavericks, for example), the coach tweaks the game plan in between periods to include the previous period’s experience.

At the mid point of the year, business leaders as coaches must do the same and decide what needs to be tweaked, eliminated, or added to the game plan.

The Half-time Review

1. Set aside time for the management team to meet off the playing field.

This time of year is busy with vacations. Make the session fun. It doesn’t have to be lengthy (1/2 to 1 Day), but get everyone’s focused attention.

2. Review performance in Key Result Areas.

Publish the agenda ahead of time so managers can prepare input:

  • What are the accomplishments to date? Show evidence.
  • What are the disappointments?
  • What lessons have we learned so far?
  • What are the milestones/measures for remainder of the year?

3. Evaluate and revise where needed

Consider each goal:

  • Is the goal still critically important?
  • Do we revise it or abandon it?
  • Are additional resources are needed for accomplishment?
  • Considering experience and the business environment, what must we change

4. Set up Incremental Steps to Success

  • What indicators should we be monitoring in addition to revenue and profit?
  • What process steps must be completed to reach the goals?

o Progress through the sales pipeline

o Plans, approvals, contracts, funding for capital improvements

o Development, testing, marketing, training for new products and services

5. Take Timeouts monthly

Schedule a 2 – 4 hour session with the team to review progress and to keep everyone focused and on track.

6. Attitude Check

Rally the team’s spirit; Key player commitment is essential in sports and business:

  • Do we believe in what we are doing and that we can achieve success?
  • Do we have a winning culture? Are we living the winning values?
  • Is everyone involved and getting the word?

Many times the difference in winning teams versus losing is a matter of attitude and commitment; the difference in “trying” and “doing”.

As Yoda said in “Star Wars”: “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try!”

7. Now execute the game plan!

You as a Leader/Manager/Coach must make sure that there is action. Watch the scoreboard, make sure the “plays” are being made, provide feedback as needed and look forward to WINNING!

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Lloyd Franke helps companies increase performance through development and implementation of business and strategic plans and continuous improvement programs. He is a certified Program Leader for Best Year Yet®, working with OnTrack Coaching. His focus is on defining and achieving high  performance goals in owner-managed businesses. Check his web site at Call: 781-721-2123

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