Best Year Yet Online

byy-onlineWe love the Best Year Yet strategic planning system. The goal we share with the Best Year Yet organization is to make Best Year Yet available to “as many people possible as quickly as possible.” Best Year Yet Online was created to do just that.

Now you can create your annual plan for FREE and have access to the full system for a small investment!

While most effective when combined with hands-on coaching, this is a great way to get started. Do your plan first and we’ll help you with a complimentary half-hour coaching session to pull it together and guide you on using the tracking system.

What does Best Year Yet Online include?

  • A secure online workshop to make your one-page plan for the next 12 months – FREE!
  • One year’s access to our web software, Producing Results Online, allowing you to track your progress every month and every week
  • One audio lesson a month from our clients about becoming a master at producing results

How do I get started?

  • Click here to register and get started with your best year yet.
  • You do not need to complete the workshop in one sitting. We recommend you take your time to fully appreciate the value of the process.  However, this new program uses the latest web software so you can move as quickly as you like.

I’ve already started, how do I log back in?

  • Click Best Year Yet Online at the top of any web page
  • Each time you log in, use the email address and password you used at registration.
  • Once you have completed your plan and moved it into PRO, use the PRO link at the top of each web page.  In every case use the same email address and password.

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