I’m Marilyn Edelson. I’m a Certified Co-active Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Mentor Coach. I’ve been coaching for over 15 years.  A clinical social worker and family therapist by training, I took a left-hand turn into residential real estate sales a number of years ago and realized I loved the business world as well. Real estate didn’t mesh with family life and didn’t have enough “juice” for me personally. When I discovered coaching I was thrilled that I could combine all of my interests, skills and values and still help people in practical as well as personally transformational ways.

I now work with individuals–executives, entrepreneurs, career changers and family businesses.  I also train and mentor other coaches and run Mastermind groups for small business owners.  I am author of Values-based Coaching: A Guide for Social Workers and Other Human Service Professionals, and contributor to Remarkable and real: Remarkable Questions and Real Possibilities for the Second Half of Life.

Whether you long write a book or launch a business, overcome a personal fear or run a successful company, we all have something in common. . . that it is human to strive, to seek, to want to be better. I love that coaching moves beyond the concept of “coping” or “adjusting” to life to really allow people and organizations to embrace life fully.

I’ve embraced the Best Year Yet® planning system because it brings together all of the best coaching has to offer in one simple design but elegant program that can and does change lives.  Best Year Yet® helped me successfully move through some big life challenges of my own, grow my business and even fulfill my dream on becoming an exhibited artist. I have witnessed its powerful impact on numerous individuals who have taken our invitational workshops as well as organizations of varying sizes.

I want all our clients to experience deep satisfaction, joy and aliveness, be at peace with themselves and their environments—at work and at home—and have positive and nourishing relationships.

We will go out of our way to make sure that everyone who has contact with us is transformed in some small or large way by the experience.

My associates and I love to coach. . . and would love to hear from you.

All of my best,

Marilyn Edelson, Founder


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