Shifting Limiting Beliefs – in business and beyond!

by marilyn on April 27, 2010

For a long time I believed that anything is possible . . . for everyone else but me! I was, after all, a successful executive coach — and a coach stands for what is possible for others.  Somehow it never  sunk in that I had to include myself and take on the “anything is possible” belief for myself!

Of course, I had experienced isolated moments of manifesting the results I wanted. Take the time I was late taking my family to the ballet and confidently declared, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a space three parking meters from the theater.” I dropped them off 5 minutes before curtain and arrived  at my seat around the same time they did. I found a place exactly three parking meters from that theater! Amazing!

This process has been described by writers like Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer and in the infamous “The Secret” as one of the metaphysical laws of the universe. But as far as I was concerned, the process wasn’t predictable enough.

Before I discovered Best Year Yet, I hadn’t heard about the “foolproof combination.” I simply thought I would have a plan that would allow me to organize the big things I had chosen to take on, but I wasn’t getting too far.  When just completing my own plan wasn’t enough, I began to lead workshops for others. That’s when I really saw the amazing transformations they were having by shifting their paradigm, using that Foolproof Combination: Attitude creates Action creates Results.  It worked, time after time.

What we think leads to what we do, whether we are aware of it or not, and that leads directly to the results we produce. Think about it. It really isn’t rocket science. When we don’t believe in what we are doing, why on earth should we give it our all—our best effort, our finest thoughts, our most loving actions? Why should we do things that are challenging or take us out of our comfort zone to get what we want?

The secret to producing the Results we want and need in our lives and in our businesses is in both what we believe and what we do. One without the other simply won’t get us where we want to go. Here is the Foolproof Combination:

So why wasn’t I doing that? Well, you’ve heard the old saying, “the cobblers children go barefoot.” Determined to change, I took on my own transformation. I had made a lot of changes over the years – big ones, too – but in the background were a few nagging thoughts: “I’ll never be financially secure,” “I don’t really have what it takes to succeed in the way I would like” and “Whatever I do, I will succeed but I always have to work hard at it.”

One of my big dreams has been to write a book. I had come a long way from thinking of myself as not being able to write or speak in front of others. I had written articles, led workshops, created and delivered well-received trainings to other coaches, but writing a book seemed way beyond what was possible. It would be too hard.

Every year this ambition showed up on my Best Year Yet plan in my Top Ten Goals, and every year I failed because there was “not enough time” (when you HAVE to work hard, of course, there never is.), and “not enough money” (how could I take the time away from “pay days”?), and “it’s been done by others by now and they did it better that I could.”

I had even been given the name of a top publisher in my field, and they had asked for a proposal. But I became overwhelmed looking by what was required to complete it. One, two and then three years went by until I was too humiliated to contact him again.

Finally I decided I needed to do something. My clients were having amazing results in their lives, and now it was my turn!  I started by asking myself the questions I had been taught to ask clients.

Jinny Ditzler, creator of the Best Year Yet process, often says, “Your Attitude leads to your Actions and they lead to the Results you get.  Every single time.”

Before taking action to change the results, I had to discover my strongest negative attitude. It’s really pretty easy.  You just work the model in reverse to discover the results you’re achieving, the actions you’re taking that lead to those results and, most importantly, the attitude that leads to the actions. That attitude is the source of the problem – your strongest limiting belief, point of view or assumption about yourself.

My strongest limiting belief was “I’ll never get rich, much less get ahead.”  It felt much like climbing a mountain with a boulder around my neck. By believing something new, “Money is abundant and flows spontaneously in my life”; I have achieved the transformation I was longing for. In recent week a lovely flow – actually gush – of new business, new clients and new opportunities have arrived spontaneously.  I also have less anxiety, fewer counterproductive actions and am showing more generosity towards others, in both action and thought.

With the Best Year Yet system we aren’t talking about superficial platitudes like the Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smiley and his cute affirmations, such as “I’m wonderful, I’m fabulous and everyone loves me”. When we say Shift your Attitude, in Jinny’s words, “we are moving from a deeply held negative assumption whose invisible hand has been guiding and limiting you for
a long time.”

Using the model above what my story looks like:

  • I was not getting the Results I wanted in my business.
  • My Actions were keeping me small and preventing me from grabbing opportunities that were coming to me.
  • I was wasting valuable Actions in piecemeal efforts to succeed in my business by throwing a lot of mud at the wall and hoping things would stick. Many did, but spinning all the plates was hard work.
  • My Attitude was: I’ll never have the money (or success) I want, much less get ahead.”

By shifting my ATTITUDE to I can do whatever I put my mind to, I naturally started taking Actions to that would lead to the Results I wanted:

  • Earn enough money in my business to have the freedom to do the work I
    really want to do.
  • Be known as an expert beyond my local circle,and have a platform for expanding my training of other coaches and coaching managers.
  • Make a difference for others in a way that rewards me, too.

My Results?  My book was published in February and is making a difference for others. And the money is flowing as well!

Finally I’m getting the same results as my corporate and small business clients:

  • A corporate leadership team whose members believed they were “out to save the sinking ship.” They shifted to “We make money for ourselves, our customers and our shareholders” and they were purchased that same year by a larger company. The team initiated specific measures of both productivity and teamwork success so they could motivate staff in each of their areas of responsibility. Soon other people in the company were asking what had gotten into them, and everyone’s productivity went up.
  • A government executive who shifted from, “I’m failing with my most important objective” to “When I focus on what is most important, I get the job done!”  He solved the key problem within 3 months, far exceeding their expectations. He plotted his goal on a month-to-month basis, and by breaking down his problem saw new solutions.
  • A small consultancy that downsized substantially and moved from surviving to thriving by adopting the belief, “We are small but powerful and thriving!” They quickly moved on from mourning what they had lost to focusing on the strengths of their surviving group.
  • A private school board that went from “How will we ever pay off our debt?” to “By being bold and and decisive, we are raising the $10M endowment we need.”  They moved quickly toward interviewing a consultant who specializes in helping educational institutions raise endowment monies—a bold and decisive move discussed for years but never acted upon.

We’ll never know if JFK understood that all results come from attitude when he uttered his famous words, “ I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” But he will always be the icon of Anything truly IS Possible!

So, go forth and dream your dreams.  When you shift your core beliefs, your actions change to those that prove anything is possible!

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Alexander February 26, 2012 at 10:55 pm

I never actually took the time to read everything on your website until tonight. I loved your blog I feel the same way myself . And I forgot you wrote a book that’s selfish of me that I didn’t go buy a copy to support you (I will). Its my fault we didn’t get the plan there in time I asked you to write it not deliver it. I’m going after millions any way . Lol.

marilyn February 28, 2012 at 10:35 am

Thanks so much, Alexander! I know you are up to BIG things and I am here to support you. We all have to do the best we can at all times and as one of my college friends would say, “You win some, you lose some and some get rained out.”

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