Marilyn Edelson to Deliver Leadership Training at Business Expert Webinars

by marilyn on March 4, 2009

I am very pleased to join Business Expert Webinars as a business expert. I will be presenting webinars on networking, leadership, emotional intelligence and managing change, starting with Mastering Change for Business Leaders (see Blogroll( on Friday 4/3/2009 from 1-2 Eastern time. (,com_attend_events/task,view/id,1168/)

When I scheduled the webinar, I had no idea where we would all be at this time and have no easy answers,  but the topic could not be more relevant. I will teach you how to meet uninvited change, such as a recession, as well as instigate much-needed change, such as rolling out a new product or overhauling your organizational structure. During this webinar, we’ll look together at:

• Common mistakes businesses make in confronting change that endanger the company’s survival
• The types of change and why only one will give you lasting results
• What actually happens in the moment of change
• How to turn change from a road-block into a building block and capitalize on it
• How to overcome fear of resistance to change — in yourself and in others
• Eight steps that enable change to happen — and stick
• Why it’s so important to inspire confidence and support others while leading change

Registrants also receive a written change management template which can be used immediately in your business strategy to outline and plan the changes critical to your to success.

About Business Expert Webinars
Business Expert Webinars is an international community of business experts that comprises best-selling authors, award-winning speakers, and business gurus. For more information, visit
An  international community of business experts, comprising best-selling authors, award-winning speakers, and business gurus, BEW launched with 100 speakers and 700 live business education webinars that began airing in May 2008 as an alternative to free webinars where ” the price of admission is a sales and marketing pitch.”

Business expert and author of “Selling to Big Companies,” Jill Konrath, said, “What attracted me to deliver content with Business Expert Webinars was that the experts pick very specific topics and go deep into the subject matter. This is strictly business education. Participants come away from BEW webinars with actionable information they can implement immediately. It is a great way for adults to learn valuable information inexpensively, without leaving the office.”

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