Writing Goals – A Tool for Success

by marilyn on August 29, 2008

September is around the corner and I have that “hit the ground running” feeling. Do you? Now, more than ever it’s vital to be focused and, whether a big business, a family or an individual, to use one’s resources — time, energy and money, well.

I’m often asked, “Does writing down goals really make the difference people say it does?”

Many of you already know, I am a big believer in goals. When I look back, even as a young child, I had goals. I remember watching a movie classic called A Star is Born, with Judy Garland. In it she had a house overlooking the Pacific. I told myself I would some day have a house overlooking the ocean, too. I did get that house. . . on the East coast on Cape Cod — not overlooking the ocean, but close enough. Maybe if I wrote it down, it would have that water view!

Companies succeed or fail based on their employees achieving or failing to achieve the goals they and the company set. Individuals succeed based on their personal goals. In a frequently quoted 1967 article, Harvard Business School Professor David McClelland found that the upper 3% of wealth in this country belongs to people who have specific written goals. The next 10% (those who live comfortably) have goals in their mind but not written. The other 87% are barely surviving or need assistance from others. These findings seem all the more relevant in today’s economy! We want our clients to join the top 3% by writing their goals down and fulfilling them!

How does this information affect you? Maybe it is time to write those goals down so you can join the top 3% of Americans. We can help.

After carefully researching many programs, we found the Best Year Yet program to be unique in its comprehensive approach — addressing the mindset that goes into ones actions. If you are in the Boston area, we are giving a workshop on October 1 (for info: http://www.ontrackcoaching.com/bestyear.htm or follow the link on the Blogroll)  Join us! If not, send an email and we’ll help you do your plan online for free (good but, honestly, not the same) and then call us to help you tweak it to work best for you.

In the meantime, relax and have a great holiday weekend!

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