Job Tips for the Recession

by marilyn on December 11, 2008

Finding a job in the best of times can be a real challenge. Today, even those with jobs are insecure. Will they be the next to go?  The temptation in this market is to give up before you start. Needless-to-say, that’s the last thing to do. There are jobs to be had. They may not be your dream job for now so feel free to settle for a good night’s sleep.

At a recent meeting of professionals and entrepreneurs, I was amazed at how many highly paid individuals confessed they still did some bartending or waitressing on the side. . . “just in case.” This is not a time for pride (One former toy industry exec. was seen carrying a placard on Fifth Avenue saying, “Almost homeless.” When interviewed on CNBC and asked if he felt humiliated , he acknowledged that with his kids having massive school loans and a wife who is ill, pride was simply not an issue. And, to his credit, his actions got him some national media and the attention of a recruiter or two!).

A few things to do:

  1. Be vigilant about maintaining as positive an attitude as you can
  2. Make sure your basic needs are met so you don’t panic
  3. Rethink your resume and possibly your short-term goals to be more practical
  4. Do an inventory of skills you may not have used recently that you can still draw upon

Use your personal network. Don’t be shy. You aren’t alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. When I personally reached out last summer to find more business for OnTrack, I was pleasantly surprised with how generous people will be when you ask them plainly and clearly for what you need. Explain the changes in your circumstances and be clear about what you are seeking and what skills you bring to the table.

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